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About Vymii

Hiya! I'm Vymii, a small content creator who specializes in making a bunch of anime/cartoon parodies on YouTube! On my channel you can expect to see animations, comic dubs, parody skits, gaming, and whatever else my goofy little brain can come up with!

What Vymii is looking for

My content is centered around anime & cartoon parodies (sometimes some original characters as well), so I'm usually in need of different voices for characters that have no voice to them. The most frequent type of content where that applies to would be comic dubs, but it's not limited to just that. There are also character skits and little shorts that may include different anime/cartoon characters having silly (or spicy) interactions with each other.

At first glance, you'll notice that most of my videos are Dragon Ball-related, but I tend to dip my foot into other franchises. ;)

I have a lot of fun making content, so why not invite others to tag along!