Voice Actor, writer; nose to the grindstone -- then work harder.
(learning, plus interests in most other aspects of the CCC options). Don't mind the bare bones; this profile, like the user, is under construction.

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About Vox_Discomboble

Name's Jace! Amiable, enthusiastic, dorky, super sincere sort. Grew up in NYC area, closer to 30 than not. Putting stuff together again after long covid.

Trying to do all the things I wanted to explore but wasn't given a chance to before now (voice acting, acting, singing, video editing, show running, composing, instruments, sound engineering, drawing, animating, coding, other languages, etc.).

I also enjoy writing/editing/revising of all kinds, animation of all types and all demographics, video games, manga/graphic novels, webcomics, books, short stories, poetry, fanfiction, memes, and deep dives both in video and podcast format.

My tastes in genres as well as music are as divergent as I am, so please feel free to hit me up for specifics if it isn't listed later.

I have a home-made set up where my main mic is an MXL 990.

I am ready, able, and willing to do work wherever I am as long as there's time to do so (l have a permanently packed equipment bag for such scenarios); I might be on the go but your deadline is not! I'm also doing a bit of a rotation to see which I prefer in what situation to make even better DIYs. 

If what you hear is making you think "he a little confused but he got the spirit,", let me know! Directions are highly encouraged.
I assure you that what might seem like a slower start will turn into exponential growth. My knowledge is your gain, after all!

In the middle of making a few reels, so please excuse the lack there of on the profile at the moment. Rest assured though, I am happy to send you something if you ask directly at the moment (or you're here because I sent an audition) Please DM for emai.
Open to working on 18+ content.

Thank you for your time, patience, and consideration in advance!


Open to negotiate/discuss as needed.

What Vox_Discomboble is looking for

Prefer character work or narration that involves character work/personality, but I am open to most anything!