Vivian Thane (She/They)

Vivian Thane (She/They)

Hey guys! My name is Vivian, but you can call me Viv for short. I love voice over, video games, and good food. Let's work together and make some magic! Instagram and Twitter: @vivianthane

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About Vivian Thane (She/They)

Vivian means "full of life" in Latin, and the meaning rings true to my personality as well!

Playful, Animated, Charming, Romantic, Colorful, Visionary, and "Wise Beyond Her Years"


I'm 19 years young, born and raised in the Bay Area and currently still based here. I've been doing theater since I was 8 years old and began my first voice over projects in 2018. I absolutely love animation and video games but I am always open to new projects and experiences :)  

Equipment/Home Studio:

- Rode NT1A Microphone

- Scarlett Solo Interface

- Mic boom and pop filter

- TwistedWave

- Zoom, Skype, Discord, Instagram, and FaceTime

- Home Studio 

- 2018

Advanced Drama

Instructed by Chelsea Beyries

My high school advanced drama program was where I began my voice over training, and we recorded two radio show productions and performed them to a live audience. I took this course for 2 years. 

Radio Magic - 2021

Voice Over (General Training)

Instructed by Madeleine Wild

I have privately trained with Mads, who is a mentor and close friend of mine, since March 2021. We are currently in pre-production of my animation/character demo.

My Coach's website:

Private Coaching - 2022

Instructed by June Yoon

Private Coaching - 2022

Instructed by Marcella Lentz-Pope
  • @gallicat100

    Vivian Thane blew me away in a project I was working on! She turns in high-quality lines quickly even with a tight deadline. She is wonderful to work with and is very patient, always keeping her bright and happy attitude. I would highly suggest casting her for your next project or reaching out! You won't regret it!