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About barrels

[NOTE: The Soundcloud demo reel linked here is very old and I am working on a new one soon. More recent VA samples can be found here:]

I'm a full-time freelance artist and part-time mergoat vtuber who loves music!

Singing, making playlists, and voice acting are some of my hobbies.

I've made my own songs before and created covers ever since I was a young teenager who found a home in the internet.

I've dabbled in voice acting as well but I am still trying to better myself.

Discord: barrels#6465 / artsybarrels


I'm currently not sure about pricing since I'm only an amateur and would be taking in projects in order for me to further practice my singing and voice acting hobby.

What barrels is looking for

I'd love to do some short/small voice acting gigs or provide vocals for songs!