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Hailing from the far off lands of New Hampshire, tis I, Typewriter Man! 

Although my friends usually just call me Evan! Hey there artists, voice actors, and future clients, it's so nice to meet you. Aren't you looking beautiful today?

This section is all about me so let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

I'm currently 22 years old and thrive on writing new works. Literally, I want to gobble up projects I find enjoyable and spit them out with spit-shined perfection. I graduated from college looking to write for Actors so I've taken multiple classes already that have to do with screenwriting, fiction writing, and editing.

I am a huge D&D nerd. I absorb shows like Critical Role, Dimension 20, and Naddpod into my brain at top speeds. That usually shows in my writing as I like to pair witty dialogue with moments of worldbuilding along the way. 

My friends say I'm pretty friendly and easy to get along with! I do love following schedules so if anyone wants to hire me I would love to get scheduling done first and foremost, especially if you're hiring me with money.

I regularly host Discord chats nightly for about 3 hours every week so if you need me to conduct meetings between VA's or artists I can totally do that. My main goal when directing or producing content is to make sure everyone is having a good time. I won't hesitate to kick some butt if needed though, I'm not a pushover.