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"You don’t take your face out of your friend’s cunt. Do it and you will both pay for it".

The terrified girl knew better. She continued to lick between the Taylor’s Labia. She continued to do so despite her obvious revulsion to the act. She continued to do so after the masked man brought a vibrator to her pussy and turned it on full blast. Both girls were now in forced sexual ecstasy. Selena did not want to be aroused by this torture, but to her great dismay, she was. Her arousal became even stronger when the masked man started to spank her exposed ass cheeks.

Selena’s mind was reeling. The sexual torture and the pain eventually overrode her inhibitions. The bound Latina licked her friend’s slit even more aggressively.

Taylor involuntarily reciprocated by thrusting her pelvis softly toward Selena. The moans became shorter and more frantic. The blonde’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her breathing became short and spastic. Selena tasted her friend’s flowing vaginal juices. She should have been disgusted with this. But he continued to lick her friend without skipping a beat. Selena would later try to rationalize it with her oxytoxin induced state. At the moment she was loving every minute of it.

Enraged, the masked man abandoned the vibrator and grabbed Taylor by her hair. "Did I tell you to cum?! Not without permission, you little whore. "He slapped her across the face. Taylor could only respond with pitiful whimpers and tears.

He turned his attention back to Selena. "Get down on the floor. On your back, quickly"

Selena laid down. The captor positioned her right next to Taylor and spread her legs.

"Move your legs and ill whip the hell out of your pussy". He looked back at Taylor:"You have proven to be a worthless cunt. Looks like we’ll just have to have you do what you do best. See those cute little round tits your friend has? I want you to drool on them. Nothing but spitting on your friend while I get her to cum. Think you could handle that?"

The poor blonde was in hysterics. She could barely manage a nod.

"And you, chica, are going to lay there and keep your legs open. And when you are ready to cum, you will ask permission. Is that clear?"

Selena shook her head affirmatively.

The masked man licked his middle finger.

"Here it comes, you little cum bucket" he sneered before thrusting his digit into Selena’s pussy.

Selena first gasped, and then slowly sobbed. As the sexual tension started building in her body, she visibly strained the urge to respond to her molestation. This only encouraged her molester.

"No……NOOOOOOO……" Selena whispered rather than screamed. The moans were addressed more to her traitorous body. Not only did it not prevent her unwanted arousal, it encouraged her captor. He continued to finger fuck her with an even greater intensity.

"OHHHH GOOOOOOOD…. PLEASE…NOOO" Selena shook her head and alternated between begging and moaning. But her struggled proved useless. He hips began responding to stimulation, pumping up and down, faster and faster.

Taylor watched her friend lose control, towering over the bound girl and her captor, releasing a steady stream of saliva on her friend’s breasts. The blonde was scared, disgusted and humiliated. She was convinced that her ordeal could not get any worse.

Her captor proved her wrong. Still abusing Selena’s pussy with admirable skill, the masked man took out a vibrator from his back pocket and pressed it against Taylor’s labia.

"I don’t think it’s fair for your friend to have all the fun" he said and turned on the instrument to its highest setting. Taylor’s body recoiled in shock. The blonde howled through the ball gag and pressed herself against the wall in an effort to avoid the vibrator.

"Did I tell you to stop drooling, you little cunt? You think I am kidding? I WILL whip your friend raw. And after that I will do the same to you. Just try it, you little shit. Just give me a reason…"

It took all of Taylor’s strength to get back to her former position. She positioned herself over Selena’s bound form once again. She continued to soak her friend’s breasts with her saliva. She did it all despite the Vibrator spreading the sexual energy throughout her body and bringing her to near delirium.

Selena, meanwhile, has completely lost herself. She moaned loudly and continuously. She pumped her hips, and rolled her head back. Perhaps she was even enjoying herself, though she would never admit it.


Her body was getting more and more wound up. Between the finger fucking, the restraints and her friend’s saliva soaking her breasts and upper body, Selena was getting more and more turned on. Now she was about to go over the edge. Taylor, now hanging from the wall, rather than standing was in a similar condition.

"OH, GOD, I’M GONA CUM" screamed Selena.

"No, you don’t, you worthless cunt. Not without my permission." Growled the masked man

Selena let out a long moan, this one to suppress the ever building orgasm. The captor did not skip a beat, continuing to molest Selena while massaging Taylor’s pussy with the tip of a vibrator. Taylor started moaning even louder. Her body began weakened more and more. Sexual spasms began to rock through her muscles.

"Can I PLEEEEEASE cum, mister" Selena begged once again.

"I SAID NOT YET, YOU WORTHLESS WHORE!!!" the captor shot back

Selena’s breaths became more and more panicked. The naked girl writhed on the floor moaning helplessly. She was on the verge of losing all control and she no longer cared.

Right around that time Taylor let out a long erotic moan, and then tried to hold her breath. Her effort failed and she let out another scream. She threw back her head. Her eyes rolled backed. Her pussy twitched, and then let out a stream of vaginal juices. The juices dripped on Selena’s breasts and neck.

"Now you can cum, you little whore!" yelled the masked man. Selena needed no more encouragement. A guttural moan escaped her throat. She arched her back as a gigantic orgasm ripped through her tiny body.

The masked man put down the vibrator, stood up and took off his pans. Selena, lost in the depths of sexual abyss, did not know how long it took the man to masturbate. She was only slightly aware that his hot cum sprayed her on her face, mouth and hair. She heard the man moan, then zip himself up and walk away. She heard it, but she was in no condition to process any of it.

Selena laid there, tired, limp and soaking. After a few minutes she came out of her daze, aware that her friend Taylor was still hanging off the wall by her bonds. Taylor made no sound, save for an occasional sob. She looked down, staring into empty space. A steady stream of saliva continued to flow from her mouth, down the ball gag and on to Selena’s exposed body.

Selena spoke quickly, almost angrily, all to keep herself from crying:" You can stop spitting on me now".

Taylor was in hysterics when the masked man returned and unbuckled her bonds. She him no resistance when he took her to another room. Selena was similarly manhandled. Now she was suspended by her wrists, her ankles separated by a steel bar. The man did not bother to gag her. By then the poor girl knew that, no matter how loud she screamed or begged, nobody but the masked sadist would hear her. She was still in shock when her captor finished securing her bonds. When he left the room, the terror of anticipation made Selena tremble violently. She was bound in the middle of room, spread eagled by the straps attached to the walls. Her feet were still touching the ground, but she could not pull her thighs together to protect her exposed snatch.

Her fears were soon confirmed. The masked man returned to the room with Taylor. Selena’s friend was once again helplessly bound. Ropes encircled her torso and breasts. Her arms were tied in the back, wrists and elbows held together by rope. Fresh tears stained the blonde’s cheeks.

"Oh, god, please, don’t make me do this" she begged.

Selena did not know what their captor wanted of her until Taylor was brought into her line of sight. By then the cruel intentions of the captor became perfectly clear. Hanging off Taylor’s hips was a long rubber dildo.

The sight of the phallus sent Selena into a panicked frenzy.  She gasped, whimpered and struggled with her bonds to no avail. 
"Don’t tell me you never wanted to fuck your cute little friend" sneered her captor.

"Please, don’t do this. You can do anything you want to me. Just don’t make me do this" cried Taylor. The poor girl could not even bring herself to mention the despicable act she was being forced to perform.

The captor shook his head in an act of disappointment. He let go of Taylor and approached Selena, producing a small, shin whip from his pocket. Without missing a bit he swung the whip at Selena’s exposed breasts.


Selena let out an agonized scream. A thin, angry welt appeared across her left breast, including her quickly swelling nipple.

The masked man did not even pause, continuing his initial motion with his right hand raised the whip once again, then savagely thrust it across Selena’s other areola. The impact was even louder than the first. So was Selena’s second scream.

"STOP! PLEASE!" yelled Taylor. Her plea was drowned out by Selena’s agonized screams.

The masked man whipped let tit again, then her right. His evil gaze fell upon Selena’s exposed clit. Selena saw the gaze just before the masked man aimed his whip. The thrust was stopped by Taylor’s desperate scream.

"I’LL DO IT". For a minute the whole room went still. The whip hung in the air. Selena was sobbing her knees and hands shaking violently.

"You’ll do what?" Asked the man with savage satisfaction in his voice.

"I’ll fuck my friend" whispered Taylor, "I’ll do whatever you want me to do".

Grabbing her hair, the captor smiled. "That is what I like to hear. Now go on, that pussy ain’t gonna fuck itself.   With that, he pushed the bound girl toward her friend. Taylor shuffled forward, avoiding Selena’s gaze, ashamed of what she was about to do.

The Penis dildo appeared to be made of rubber, though thick and solid, its tip hung down limply. Taylor approached Selena close enough to Selena’s exposed groin. The trussed up Latina recoiled slightly from the contact.

"How am I supposed to stick it in her?" thought Taylor. She tried bending her knees and thrusting out her hips, but without her n she saw no way of putting the dildo inside her friend’s vagina. She dared not ask the masked man for fear of further punishment. Selena stared back at Taylor, trying to help her friend by thrusting her hips forward as well. All the struggle had accomplished was heavy breathing by both girls.

"You stupid bitch" snarled their captor, "haven’t you ever fucked someone with a dildo before?"

He grabbed the dildo and roughly shoved the tip into Selena’s defenceless vagina. Selena let out a long whine. The captor pushed Taylor closer to Selena, making their hips, stomachs and breasts touch. This also made the dildo enter even further into the vagina.

Taylor slowly started to thrust her hips. Selena sucked in her breath. Small tears appeared in her eyes.

"I am so sorry" whispered Taylor. Selena just mewled through the ball gag.

A whip landed across Taylor’s ass. "C’mon, show me you mean it" growled the masked man.

Taylor pumped faster. Selena’s body stiffened up. Their bodies became one. Their stomachs pressed against each other. Their nipples ground together. Taylor started to breathe deeper and deeper. Her body started to betray her, reciprocating to the abuse. She started to sweat and pump her hips. Erotic moans, small at first, then growing, escaped her mouth. She pressed her forehead against Taylor’s shoulder. She was no longer in control of herself.

The whip hit Taylor’s exposed flesh faster and faster. The harder it hit, the faster the girl pumped. The faster Taylor pumped, the closer Selena came to losing control. Selena was in a pain fed frenzy. Her ass was on fire from the whipping. Sweat rolled down her face. All she knew was she had to keep fucking. And she fucked with abandon. Selena’s moans transformed into wails. Wails turned into screams. Finally the dam burst. A guttural scream escaped Selena’s throat.

The masked man grabbed Taylor by the hair and pulled her away from Selena, The dildo, dripping with vaginal juices, easily slid out. Selena let out one final moan. Her knees gave out. She sagged against her bonds, exhausted.

No longer in the pain fuelled frenzy, Taylor felt absolutely exhausted. Seeing her friend hanging by her arms, her eyes staring out in the emptiness, her body ravaged by the whip, brought Taylor to tears. She would have collapsed on her knees had it not been for her sadistic captor holding her up by her hair. He only drank in the pain and misery of his captives.

"Did you enjoy fucking your friend, you little slut?"

Taylor shook her head no and got whipped on the breast for it.

"You damned liar" snarled the masked man" you liked it and you know it".

He led Taylor around to the back of Selena. Letting go of her mane, he stuck his finger in her face

"I’ve got another treat for you. You stay right here. Move and both of you will regret it"

He then turned his attention to Selena.

"Did I tell you that you were done? Get up, you lazy whore!"

Selena struggled to get her feet under her. The masked man helped her up, lifting her by grabbing both her nipples. Selena squealed, but managed to get up.

"I am not done with you yet. We know you like it in the cunt. Now we will see if you like it in he ass"

Selena nearly lost it. She shook her head and begged through the gag. No matter how loudly she begged, she could not stop the man from going through with it.

The man grabbed Taylor once again. "Please!!! Don’t make me do this." She begged "I’ll do anything else. I’ll blow you. Ill You can fuck me however you want. Please, I’ll do ANYTHING!!!"

"You WILL do anything, bitch" said the captor "and you will start by fucking your friend in the ass. Now, re you going to do what I tell you, or should I hurt your friend again?" Taylor sobbed and cried, but allowed the man to bring her closer to Selena.

The man grabbed Selena by the hair and talked into her ear. "You WILL get ass fucked, bitch. How painful it will be will be up to you. Resist, and I guarantee you, it will hurt a lot. Relax and let your friend in, and it might hurt a little. Got it?"

Selena shook her head affirmatively. Even with that, she shook like a leaf as Taylor approached her and squealed when her captor spread her ass cheeks. She recoiled when she felt the dildo rub up between her legs. The masked man deliberately took his time, trying to build up tension and a sense of terror in the girl’s mind. When the tip of the dildo pressed up against her sphincter, Selena let out a quick yelp.

"Open sesame" said the captor, laughing and evil laugh.

Selena tried to relax. But the rubber invading her rectum was not a pleasant feeling. The thick head of the phallus slowly parted the muscle. Selena moaned in pain. Taylor tried to insert the dildo into her friend as slowly as possible in order to spare her friend any unnecessary pain. The masked man had other ideas. The whip kissed Taylor’s exposed butt cheeks once more.

"C’mon, you little slut. While we’re young."

With the penis only a quarter of the way in, Taylor redoubled her efforts. She pushed harder. Selena let out an agonizing scream. Every muscle in her body was taut. The abuse hat her rectum was under must have been excruciating.

"I am sorry, I am so sorry…" Taylor kept repeating, trying to keep herself from crying.

The blonde breathed a sigh of relief when the dildo was all the way in. Selena, though still tense, was no longer doubled over in pain. The respite was short lived.

Another crack of the bat got both girls back on their toes.

"What are you waiting for? Start ass fucking your friend, or I’ll do it for you. And I promise, I won’t be as gentle as you". Taylor knew the threat was real.

She looked pleadingly at Selena. Her friend’s gaze was that of dread and fear. The diminutive Latina, shaking and sweat soaked, was at the end of her strength.

Taylor carefully withdrew her hips and gently thrust them. Selena yelped. Taylor gave another thrust, this one even gentler than before.

"Whaaat the fuck is THIS?" growled the masked man in annoyance "Looks like I’ll have to do the job myself".

"NO!!!" screamed Taylor. "No, please, ill do it myself"

"You had your chance, bitch. It’s my turn now". The man was about to separate them.

Taylor gave one quick thrust, then another, never slowing down. Selena moaned loudly.

"See, I’ll do it. I promise." The man backed off.

Taylor continued to plough Selena. She thrust hard and fast, over and over. It was obvious that her friend was in pain. She screamed almost continuously, stopping only to catch a few ragged breaths. Her back was arched; her fingers tightly grasped the chains attached to her cuffs. Taylor told herself that she did to keep Selena from getting raped by a total stranger. But somewhere, deep in her sub consciousness, Taylor was turned on by this ordeal. And this scared her far more than the whips, chains and rubber dildos.

Selena screamed until she could scream no more. Her eyes started to roll into the back of her head. Her ankles gave out she once again hung limply by her wrists.

"All right, that’s enough" said the man. He pulled Taylor off Selena.

"Oh, God is she okay" panicked Taylor, "is she OKAY???"

"Shut up" said the man. He leaned over Selena and grabbed her by the chin. Selena, battered and exhausted, still managed to look straight at her captor and mumble something through her gag.

"Yeah, the pampered little bitch is okay"

The two girls were lying naked, face to face, on the floor. Their wrists and ankles were tied up. So were their shoulders, tied together in a tight knot. Normally this would be quite painful. But both girls, battered and abused were just happy to have a little respite before the next round of punishment. Neither girls were gagged, if only for the moment. Taylor still wore the rubber dildo.

"You really scared me, Selena, are you okay" whispered Taylor.

Selena nodded her head and crawled closer to her friend.

"I am so scared" went on Taylor "Why is he doing this?" what does he WANT from us?"

"Shhhhhh. It will be ok, Taylor"

The blonde almost broke down to tears "I hope so. I really do…"

"It will be okay" repeated Selena. She then reached out and lightly kissed Taylor on the lips.

Surprised, Taylor could only stare blankly at the girl in front of her

"Oh, god, Taylor, I am so sorry…" Selena started to apologize. Taylor did not let her finish, planting a kiss of her own, this one long and hard. After that, there was no stopping it. They kissed passionately and desperately. Their lips and tongues caressed each other. The girls inched closer to each. Their nipples, hips and thighs rubbed up against each other in a sudden frenzy.

The frenzy was short-lived.

"And now, for my favourite part of the show" announced their captor.

He grabbed Selena by the elbow ad pulled her to her feet. Taylor assumed the worst

"No! Don’t you dare touch her, you creep!!!"

The masked man ignored her. Pulling the tied up Selena to her feet he stood her right in front of him, staring her down. Selena, scared and intimidated, tried to shrink away from the intimidating figure.

This only made the man smile. He slapped her on the ass once, then twice, all while groping Selena’s breast with his other hand. Selena could only sob in response.

"Tell me you like this" demanded the man.

"I like it!" Selena managed to say between her sobs

"Tell me you are a nasty slut" said the man

"I’m a nasty slut!" tears rolled down Selena’s face.

"Did you get your $2000 worth?" asked the man

"Yes" said Selena, breathing out a heavy sigh

"Where is the money?" demanded the masked man

"What money? What’s going on???" the confused Taylor asked.

"Shut up" the man commanded, then turned back to Selena "Where is the money?

"In my purse" answered Selena.

"Gooooood. Now, if you try really hard, you might be able to free yourselves in about 45 minutes or so. If you want to do this again, you have my number". He let go of Selena. "And you, blondie, that dildo really becomes you."

Just like that, the masked man made his exit, leaving the two girls naked and tied up

"What did he mean about the money" asked Taylor

"I am sorry" said Selena, struggling against her bonds.

"You are sorry??? Did you PAY for this to happen?" asked Taylor incredulously.

"Taylor, I am sorry…I thought you would like it" Selena pleaded

"Like it?" screamed Taylor "I am not into this kind of SHIT"

Selena continued to apologies profusely while bending down and trying to untie the knot around Taylor’s wrists. Taylor’s continued her tongue lashing for the hour and a half that it took to get free. Taylor was mad. When Taylor had her hands free, she quickly untied Selena’s wrists and elbows, and then stormed off, leaving Selena to untie her feet. Taylor found her dress, surprisingly still intact, and started to put it on.

"Taylor, wait, let me explain" pleaded Selena.

Taylor realized she still had the dildo on. She unstrapped it and threw it at Selena, who just managed to avoid the flying piece of rubber. Taylor was in no mood to talk. She put on her panties, pulled down her skirt and stormed out of the room.

"Taylor! Wait!" Selena just managed to free herself from the ropes. Grabbing her underwear and dress she ran down the hall, dressing in the process. By the time she ran out into the parking lot, Taylor’s car was gone.