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TLP Gaming

We are a game development studio that also focuses on creating in-game films (cut scenes) and video gaming trailers. We have recently decided to expand into full filmmaking and are involved in several projects we're looking to fund. 

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About TLP Gaming

The Last Prophecy (TLP) is a multi-brand MMORPG gaming community that originated in the first MMO brought to the internet, Ultima Online, in October of 1997. With members who have traveled with us for nearly 25 years, we’ve traveled through a diverse range of games together. Since the early days of our inception, we’ve worked hard to create a place where gamers of all play styles feel comfortable and accommodated. 

Today, The Last Prophecy is much more than just a gaming community. With a dedicated Stream Team, sponsors, partnerships, and affiliations, we’ve broken through the idea of "gamers" to become one of the longest-standing multi-game communities available today.  As we have expanded our influence in the gaming industry, we have moved on to develop rich, deep character histories and arcs for video games and now help to bring in-game cinematics as well as video gaming trailers to the world at large. 

In a sense, The Last Prophecy is very much a gaming family, rather than just a company alone. We believe this inspires an atmosphere of respect and trust, something that very much benefits any gaming community. The Last Prophecy’s members hail from an incredibly diverse range of lifestyles. As a mature organization, our community is built on a foundation spanning families, singles, couples, working professionals, business owners, and a really long list of other backgrounds, too.  So, whether you want to work with us full-time, part-time, or just drop into a certain project you want to work on, we have room for you.  

Here, we do not only promote diversity and inclusion, we breathe it and have done so for decades now. And that has helped us accumulate a wide breadth of experiences that can only help larger video gaming studios start to really provide relatable worlds and experiences to their own players. 

Our corporate website can be found at and the site for our main project/program can be found at