Tim Phillippe

Tim Phillippe

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About Tim Phillippe

I have been an actor for over 25 years and a voice actor for over 5 years. My goal in all that I do is to help creators bring their ideas to life and into the eyes and ears of their audience. There is no project too big or too small, as long as you are passionate about what you are doing, I want to work with you.  I currently own and operate a podcast network out of Austin, TX called Shway Media. I started this company in an effort to help people tell their stories through multiple mediums.

Austin Community College - 2014

Music Business, Performance, & Technology

Instructed by Geoffrey Schulman, Tim Dittmar, Jean Spivey

I graduated with a focus on music business management and audio engineering.

University Of Kansas - 2007

Musical Theater

Instructed by

Studied musical theater and acting at the University of Kansas.

What Tim Phillippe is looking for

I am looking to grow my voice acting resume and am excited to help other artists with their projects. Open to big projects, small ones, and all others in between.

  • @emilytran

    Really great at turning lines in on time, and definitely sounded like a professional. I them recommend. 

  • @jt424

    Tim was the audio engineer for my audiobook "Shooting Star." He was great! He put all the character audio files together quickly and efficiently. The best part was all the effects he put on the files (echoes, birds tweeting, kids laughing and cheering, background sound, etc.) I can't recommend him enough to bring your project to life!