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🎇Hello, my name is Monochrome. But mostly everyone calls me Thunder/Mono, I currently do voice acting as a hobby and for fun; just as much as singing. I am a self-taught voice actor and have been doing it for around three years now, and am learning and developing more along the way. I'm open to just about any project, but tend to lean more on MInecraft Roleplays, and Gacha, but am willing to try most projects. 🎇


About Me:
Hello! My name is Thunder/Mono, I am 18 and go by She/Her pronouns. I'm a bit eccentric, and laugh at just about anything; I like and can just about work with anyone or independetly depending on what it is. I like to spend time alone most of the time, and you will almost always catch me listening to music; I am bit of a melomanic. I love trying new things and am always looking forward for growth and improvement with anything I do; I accept advice and critisim as long as it isn't handed ignorantly. I usually am pretty chill, but can be assertive if needed. I respect everyone and anything, as long as they respect me. I am usually an objective, and reasonable person, but I have a tendecy to become extremely logical or rational about some matters which not many enjoy. I am quite honest and value it a lot from others, along with compassion and empathy. I am both a self-reliant and self-motivated individual, and try to remain optimistic about most things.



AGE: 18


VOCAL RANGE: Medium-High(Soprano)



Discord: Monochrome#7939

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