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☆ The Place: Creativity Meets Community!

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About The Place

☆ "The Place?" . . what place? 
At The Place, we are fanatical about the very wide world of project creation online. And we are sure you are as well: yet, it can grow to be very difficult for any kind of artist to motivate themselves (or even get their foot in the door!) in a world where many bright individuals (with great ideas!) may find themselves lost, without guidance, or simply feeling without community. Our mission is to foster a vibrant hub for any and all artists to collaborate, showcase their talents, and connect with like-minded creatives.

The Owner, Bambi, and Co-Owners Red and Titan, created The Place out of years of past experiences in the industry, and from a place of deep care and compassion for the communities that they were a part of. We know that it can be tough out there and sometimes the industry is relentless in its inner and outer operations. We strive to provide others the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed amongst others of similar interests. Further, we encourage solid communication, transparency, and strong mutual respect towards one another. We do NOT tolerate toxicity and unfair treatment.

☆ So, who can join The Place?
 ➭ Voice Actors!
 ➭ Artists of any kind!
 ➭ Directors and Project Owners!
 ➭ Composers and Singers!
 ➭ 2D and 3D Animators!
 ➭ Video Editors and Graphic Designers!
 ➭ Authors and Scriptwriters!
 ➭ . . anyone, really!

Perhaps you're an aspiring voice actor who wants to find a community of people, with experience, that you may be able to learn from, without being harshly criticised. Perhaps you're an animator who wants to share their most recent work and receive (helpful!) critique from other animators. Or perhaps you're not quite sure of your interests yet, and want to learn more about your interests. The Place strives to help you grow and succeed, no matter who you are!

☆ Okay, well then what makes The Place so different?
As we mentioned above, we know that it can be difficult to get your foot in the door in this industry: this goes for both those who work on the projects, and for those who direct the projects.

The Place would also be very pleased to host and broadcast projects as well! We envision a community of artists who are not only able to interact with each other and form strong, productive bonds, but also are able to find opportunities amongst each other and contribute to each other's work! That way, we are all able to grow collaboratively and help each other succeed.

We kindly ask that projects that are a part of us are hosted and broadcasted on official The Place platforms: we aim to keep our community (and the content it produces) concentric! This includes episodes going up on our Youtube Channel, and Casting Call Club Projects going up under this account. Project directors retain FULL CONTROL of their projects, no questions asked.

Furthermore, at the beginning of all content published by The Place, we would like to play a short snippet of our community logo (around 3-5 seconds), similar to Netflix Original Series or 21st Century Fox. The name of your project will follow, coupled with the name of the director, to make it clear that we are merely broadcasting your project, and you are directing it! Everything should fall under 10 seconds. For short content on Tiktok or Youtube Shorts, this is NOT asked for.

For your project, The Place will ideally be able to provide resources, effective advertising, and marketing for your project, to any and all kinds of audiences, with or without monetisation, and to your liking. If you decide to include monetisation, The Place will handle taxes, and you will receive 90% of any profits earned, with the remaining 10% used to upkeep and further support The Place. 

☆ Sound good? Come join us!
Whether you've just began your journey in the industry, or you've been at it for years, The Place welcomes all with open arms and hopes to see you (and/or your project!) grow and succeed. An individual can do anything they put their mind to: but together, we can create the extraordinary.