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About The_Pink_Guy

      Just a Pink Guy that likes to voice act, Minecraft roleplays and Fnaf related media specifically. But I'd love to try new things and meet new people! I have my own channel and I work with several other small content creators. Im an 18y old College student majoring in Graphic Design, so I roleplay in my free time. I always try to keep my schedule available. If you want to contact me for work I check Casting Call occasionally but Discord is the best way to contact me for a near immediate response back. I do accept friend requests and texts from non-friended people. 

Heres a Small List of some of the Channels I work for or have worked for.

If you have any other questions about me or want me for any project, never hesitate to ask.


I don't have rates I charge. I like to have fun voice acting, though I appreciate compensation.

What The_Pink_Guy is looking for

Though I work primarily on Roleplay and Fnaf-related content, I love the chance to branch out into doing new voices, learn new things, and meet new people!