Auger Atelier: The Oracles

Auger Atelier: The Oracles

We work hard and hope your willing to join!

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About Auger Atelier: The Oracles

The Oracles is an indie fantasy animation. We are a dedicated team that has been working for about over a year (Since August 2022) and we have decided to step it up and expand our team. We would love it if you could join us in this journey to making something entertaining and diverse for those who grew up in the our generation. 
Our animation style is a mashup of chibi and cartoon, whch weve worked to perfect for months and hope to continue doing so. 

What Auger Atelier: The Oracles is looking for

We're currently looking for members with skills i production such as:

- Riggers 

- Animators

- Audio Editors

- Producers
As well as some VAs to fully round out our cast.