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About TheWorldCrasher

  • 19 Years of age

  • VA, Music, and Art.

  • Lotta interests and medium pitch.

Hey there, ya can call me Crasher.

I'm free to do stuff with a team if needed, I'll be ready to tackle background music or being a background voice or two.

My art is only more simple, sure I can draw but it is improving at a nice rate for myself.

If you have any questions, you may question me at your leisure, I'm available and will check on messages.

What I've worked on;

  • Tracks for background music or battles (mostly used in my Pok√©mon D&D campaign, involving players or npcs)

  • Friday Night Funkin' - A simple start, made a lot of songs and improved since two years ago (I hope that is), did art for it as well, mostly for my own mod.

theworldcrasher [Discord]

Have a good day/night and continue to do your best.


No monetary payment is required. Contact me and I'll give it my best.

What TheWorldCrasher is looking for

Comin' onto here, mostly trying to find work to hopefully broaden my skills, gain experience by actually doing stuff!