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About The CCI Studios

Here in CCI Studios, we want to feel homemade and passionate. We don't want to enforce strictness, and neither are we; or, I... Professional ALL the time in any way. Although professionalism gets work done, 

it doesn't get smiles.


Welcome to CCI, ( Creepa's Comics Incorporation. ) It may be a weird name for a company of animation, but this all started years ago as my childhood company. This channel will consist of a cinematic universe of animation. This'll be weird, because that's exactly what I am. I create characters by heart and set them up in little comic books that I do on my own, and release them to create movies that connect to one another! 

"What animation program doe we use?" 
We use Flash for animation and I use Fire Alpaca for my art! 

"Where did 'CCI' come from?" 
Me and my friend Daniel in Fifth Grade were crazy artists. In recess me, him and my other friends always got together in a table to make books. Daniel suggested we should make a company, and since we were a killer for early Minecraft we dragged in the word "Creeper", but we also wanted to do a joke where it was a Spanish Creeper, so we came up with "Creepa." Which evolved to the company.

  • @chefra2

    I was cast in a couple of CCI's projects, and is very easy to work with and does a great job directing. He created a fun community around the project and always finds a way to create great content.

  • @Zennek_

    Great guy all around and makes amazing things, Honestly I believe he has amazing potential and many people should work with him.