What can I say? I'm someone, just like anybody else.

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Writer, voice-over artist, songwriter, artist, burnout, Dad. 
I think stuff. I write stuff. I Do stuff. I am what I am, nothing more, nothing less.



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VA, writer, audio engineer gigs... VA's for my upcoming projects.

  • @sayhalogoodbye

    All the love poured into Adventures in College Safety is so clear. The writing is great, my lines have been so fun, thateffinguy is so nice and easy to work with. I cannot wait to share this project with everyone I know!

  • @secretvveapon

    Derek has secured a special spot in my voice acting career. He really helped me pave my own path forward and I'll always be grateful for that. Derek is a super hard working guy. Once his head is buried in his work, it's not coming back up until he's done. And the end result is magic. I'm so glad I've had the pleasure to learn in a welcoming environment with people that are all just trying to grow with each other under such an incredible leader.