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About ThatCanadianDude

Important Non-Casting Club Voice Work:

Turnabout Storm: The Other Side - Miles Edgeworth 
Fallout: Autumn Leaves - Edgard
My Little Investigations - Rover

I have 19 years of singing experience and training. I am a strong bass-baritone who has held the lead in my local musical productions. My roles have included the following:

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington
Avenue Q - Bryan
The Adams Family Musical - Uncle Fester
Young Frankenstein - Dr. Victor Frankenstein
A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder - Earl Adalbert D'ysquith, Lord Asquith D'ysquith Sr., Lady Hyacinth D'ysquith, Reverend Ezekiel D'ysquith


An amount of money, somewhere between $0 and $infinity. 

What ThatCanadianDude is looking for

A chance to say stuff, have said stuff recorded, and have people enjoy the stuff I recorded.

  • @pretzelman718

    I first worked with TCD back in 2012. His abilities with character creation are inspiring. His energy is infectious. The man is a caffeine-powered factory for hilarious and witty lines. I do my best to hide the fact that I'm always stealing them. (Be sure not to tell him!)