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Tara Draw Studio

I like purple things ^-^

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About Tara Draw Studio

Hello! My name is Tara and here is a list of things I can do 

1. Digital/traditional art

2. Video/photo editing

3. Audio editing (I'm not a musician, however)

4. photography/film

5. Voice acting


My prices can vary depending on the work I do so here is the list. These prices can somewhat be negotiable depending on situations due to the fact that I am a college student so please bare with me.

  1. digital/traditional art: (depends on complexity. I have an Instagram page for instructions so message me first before hiring me. Other than that a rough estimate will be around $20-$30 per page.)

  2.  Video/Photo editing: $50

  3. Audio editing: $20

  4. Photography/film: $50

  5. Voice actress: $20  

These are minimum prices and I would appreciate a flat payment.

What Tara Draw Studio is looking for

Any projects that tend to give a magical taste or anything not so realistic perhaps but more in a fantasy world like cyberpunk, fairies, dragons, and stuff like that. I also don't mind death-like scenes.