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If I apply for something and get no info about it for about 30 days I will assume you declined it, so if you don't reach out to me soon enough I will most likely rescind my audition. This is so I can commit myself to other stuff in my life without having to worry about my schedule suddenly & randomly getting filled at a time I didn't account for. You can still Message me after the 30 Days through discord, or through Casting Call to see if I'm willing to continue with the role!

What I do:

When it comes to what I do on here and YouTube, its almost entirely Minecraft roleplays- though my channels don't show it too well at the moment. Acting for others, and filming your own content are pretty different processes (And I have issues staying motivated for my own stuffs).

Previous Roles:

I've been interested in MC Roleplays since 2013, and doing them since 2016.

(Moosecraft, & Jaybull (Body Acting) - 2016)

(Ryguyrocky (Body Acting) - Circa 2016 - 2017)

(The Invisible Davis (Body Acting & Building) - 2020 - 2021)
(Animated FNaF Voice lines (Bonnie Voice Acting) - 2021)

(Lolbit's Adventures (Voice Acting, Building, Managing) - 2023 - Now)

(Miscellaneous small creators not worth Listing)

As you see with voice acting, I only started auditioning for online projects around early 2020, so there isn't anything too notable I have voiced for.