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Welcome to Cupencil Productions! We specialize in 3D animations, bringing to life epic tales and beloved characters from Transformers and Pokemon. From skits to narratives and short films, our custom-made series "Transformers Unity" showcases our passion for storytelling and visual effects. Our channel also serves as a portfolio, showcasing our skills and expertise in the world of animation. Join us on our creative journey as we continue to explore new worlds and push the boundaries of 3D animation. Subscribe now and never miss an adventure!

University of California Santa Barbara - 2021


Instructed by Anna Brusutti
Linkedin Learning - 2023

History of Film and Video Editing

Instructed by Ashley Kennedy

This course is an introduction to the history of film and video editing—including not only an in-depth look at more than a century of essential editing techniques, but also an interesting exploration of the tools and technology that have made editing possible. Staff author Ashley Kennedy brings in real-world examples to explore each point in history—from the first unedited, rudimentary shots and the early days of shot combination to the birth of film language and the evolution of both mainstream and revolutionary film editing techniques through the 20th century and today. She uses this journey to demonstrate how techniques of the past have shaped cinema today.

Linkedin Learning - 2022

Blender 3 Essential Training

Instructed by David Andrade

Blender is a powerful open-source solution for 2D and 3D modeling, animation, compositing, and post-production. In this course, get a thorough overview of the feature set in Blender 3 and beyond, as well as practical production techniques that combine know-how with a healthy dose of how-to. Instructor David Andrade dives into specific techniques, such as scene layout and modeling, sculpting, texturing and shading, 2D and 3D animation, character rigging (also known as armatures), visual effects and simulations, rendering, and game engine exporting. Plus, get performance-boosting tricks to render your creations even faster. Each lesson helps you gain the control and skill you need to create professional artwork for multiple platforms: games, movies, and animation.

Linkedin Learning - 2023

Leaning Video Editing and Production

Instructed by Rob Garrot

Rob Garrott, a content manager at Linkedin Learning, reviews the tools and techniques video editors, cinematographers, directors, and anyone else who wants to start a career in video need to know. First, learn about the core genres, everything from documentary filmmaking to corporate video, and the three main phases of production. Then Rob dives into topics such as planning and writing, lighting and shooting, storytelling via editing, and color correction and sound design. By the end of this course you'll have a firm grasp on what it takes to create professional video.


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I'm open to provide animation, rigging, and video editing work,