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Hi! I'm Owen Weick, a 22 year old male voice actor that goes under the alias 'Excelmace', 'Exclamationred', or simply 'Red!' among other things. I have a history of being a light-hearted entertainer that encourages constructive criticism in order to fit the role I wish to play and always improve.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Writer
My name is Owen Weick and I'm interested in  a career in Voice Acting! Some people like to call me by my alias's Red .  As well as voice acting,  In the past I've  been a soccer coach for a high school team down by where I live for about two years at my school before graduating and maintaining two jobs as a retail employee and a freelance author . I’ve also been writing poems some of my own short story’s to pass the time, and been on this website voice acting for multiple successful years of V.A experience. With the beginning of 2024 I am inspiring to become an entertainer online with streaming other various online platforms and in person as a planner. When it comes to big events I have a history of moderating several as a staff member in multiple discord servers and being an overall likeable person that can provide a very healthy and friendly atmosphere to the projects I am a part of...
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male teen
Search all 2643 writer enthusiasm profiles