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Jeremy Smith-Sebasto
Voice Actor / Composer / Audio Engineer
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Director, and Producer
I have a deep, warm, resonant, and full voice capable of a variety of versatile ear-grabbing timbres. You can learn more about me at Aside from Voice Acting, I write and produce music for Television, Games, and Trailers. My music has aired on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, TBS, E!, and more. 
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Hello, I just started my voice over journey this year. I love discovering as many characters as possible with the power of my voice. 
I have a degree in music performance in Classical Voice-- so I can sing too!

I have been cast in some projects but can't disclose them right now :) 
You may reach me here or on twitter @ jasondiior 
Skills and Interests: animal sounds baritone (singing)
Ever since I middle school and high school, I'd seemed to develop a huge fascination in art, being an actor and then later on wanted to be a voice artist.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Live Actor
I'm also a storyboard artist, character artist, singer (My favorite singers are Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Sherley Temple), animation historian, comic enthusiast and a movie fan.
Singer, Actor, Voice Actor. These were the talents chosen to create the perfect entertainer.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hello, My name is Jalen M. Reed. I am 30-years-old from Pittsburgh, PA. I was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome when I was 6, but that has never stopped me from accomplishing my goals. I want to do voice acting, and ,and/or music as a career, hence which is why I'm here. 
Setup: blue yeti
I've got the voice you need for any project! Natural storyteller and born to perform! My voice will fit any role in any style you're looking for.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
Japanese/African-American voice actor!
I'm not just good at bringing a voice to your words, I love doing it! I'm a professionally trained voice artist with over 25 years of experience, and I continually educate and challenge myself to improve my skills. I was educated in public speaking, reading to audiences, performing in small-stage productions, and singing through an international private organization. In that time, I've learned, drilled, implemented, coached, and taught the same skills needed to nail any reading.
I have a versatile voice to express a wide range of emotions or actions.I can be the down-to-earth, casual, and natural type.I can do a booming, energetic, and passionate voice.I can play the quiet, thoughtful, and deep kind of person.I have a professional, warm, and informative voice.But I'm best at being funny, sarcastic, and charismatic.
If there's a sound yo...
Speaks: english
Multi-disciplinary Artist from Bronx, NY eager to practice and provide his skills in theater,  voice acting and writing. Open to a variety of different project pitches and opportunities led to build, grow and teach.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor
"Some people have a fear of going on stage. I have a fear of coming off it." -Noel Fielding
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, and Live Actor
I'm a 28-year old writer, actor, singer, and musician hailing from Providence, Rhode Island. Primarily acting in theatre, a few of my favorite past roles include Petra in A Little Night Music, Regina Koontz in Rock of Ages, The Hawker in The Who's Tommy, Hot Blades Harry in Urinetown, and Sebastian in The Tempest. As a writer, my debut script, Permanent Solutions, has been produced various times throughout New England and has been given showings off-Broadway; in this, I also originated the role of Katherine Hudson and directed the original Providence-based production. 
My writing history extends to music, and I've spent the past 13 years as the lead singer/songwriter for hard rock band The Smoke Breaks, who released their first album, White Hot Electric Daddy, in August 2022 right around the time of our east coast tour. Although we recently disbanded, I am currently recording a sol...
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Video Editor
Small time student Nintendo/FPS streamer and aspiring voice actor looking to gain more experience
My Stream:
Main Contact (Discord): akalanii
Skills and Interests: audacity minor video editing
I’m coming out of a rough small town, I’ve seen a lot of not so nice things but it helped build my character in writing and irl. I knew with being autistic, I had a lot of challenges heading my way but I was never known to quit so in the end; I will fight to make something of myself for myself and m
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Writer
I’ve started writing when I was younger to which people have to me I was flooded with ideas, I’ve practiced VA in voice chats, and a lot of people think I sound like something is actually going on lol. Idk how to feel about that. My mind is vastly creative and it doesn’t take me long to think create a detailed story just now I’m trying to write like the actual writers do. I do enjoy singing very much, I want to get much better and I enjoy Voice acting as well as my writing. I genuinely feel like I’m meant for much more than what people told me I was all the these years. So… let’s find out.
Speaks: english
Search all 8698 singer working out profiles