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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
I'm a young and aspiring artist interested in many fields of theater, singing, voice acting, art, ect. trying not to get overwhelmed and make more projects for myself but here we are doing this and i'm really exited! find my youtube here (though I don't really have a posting schedule for videos): here's my artfight: 
Hi hiii, it is I! She/Her pronouns. Pfp is by me.
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Hii, I'm Lili! I specialize in voice acting and singing, but I can do video editing, pixel art, character design (particularly cute girls in dresses), Japanese to English song adaptations, and most any type of Photoshopping as well!I am not willing to do anything NSFW.My singing voice is mid to high range, and I am able to use head voice to easily hit very high notes. I am also good at singing in character, whether it be cutesy and energetic, or soft and whispery. My voice is strong, especially in my mid range, and I am able to sing lots of lyrics very quickly if needed.As for voice acting, I specialize in high pitched, anime girl type voices.
Speaks: english
Accents: american
Search all 1251 singer pencil art profiles