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Cliff Davenport
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Producer
Creator, Editor, & Voice Talent
Personal Skills:
Clear, naturally deep voice.Skilled in audiobook narration, character acting, and accent mimicry.
Naturally detail-oriented, dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality results with the tools available. Founder of the gaming variety Youtube channel, Last Level Press.I was told for years that I should take up voice acting, that I have a natural "radio voice," and y'know what?  I'm starting to think they're onto something. 
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male adult male young adult
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Writer
My name is Jason M. Davies. I'm in my mid thirties and from the Welsh Valleys in rainy South Wales. I've been in a number of rock and metal bands as the singer as well as a on air radio personality for 3 radio stations and have recently decided to try a life long dream of being a voice actor.
I've always been pretty good at voices and have been told my impressions from Mickey Mouse to Yami Yugi/Pharaoh/Atem from Yugioh. My voice is mid to low and although I naturally talk with a Welsh Accent I can talk in a few accents including Italian, Scottish, Irish, American & French. My only language is English but I can say certain words in a range of other languages.
Give me a chance and you won't be disappointed!
Discord: Xero #0112
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Director, and Live Actor
I'm a voice actress with a background in theatre - musical theatre, Shakespeare, and farce are particularly close to my heart (and show up a lot on my resume!). I have spent most of my time in the booth so far working on Audio Description and Dubbing. I have a personal professional studio and am based in Atlanta, but I spend time in LA and NYC as much as I can. 
Find me online at and on Instagram @thegettygirl! 
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Artist
I play Roblox and and I can mimic voices and yeah and sing and yeah :) range from child to - adult 👍
Search all 4885 singer mimicry profiles