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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Audio Engineer
Hi! I'm Miranda! I'm a voice actress and singer, and a fan of many things! I hope to bring you great projects and have fun here too. Come by and say hi!

Age: 25
Pronouns: She/her
Speaks: english
He/They - Minor. Trained vocalist and guitarist. Stage actor.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Music Composer, and Live Actor
Vincent - He/Him, trans ftm
I really enjoy acting, and I have seven years of vocal lessons under my belt. Alto, but I can work with high vocals if need be. I can play guitar as well.
I'm a big fan of pretty much all things musical theater and classic rock. I'm always stoked to chat about anything along the lines of theatre or music with you.
I am currently working on writing songs. 
As for my socials,Instagram: @variiteaTwitter: @SinForTheSaintTikTok: @bleuctipie_Discord:@mr.capgrasYoutube:@mr-capgras (Varitea)
Speaks: english
15 year old story teller
I am a Singer, Artist, Writer, and Director
It's me
Skills and Interests: 2d/3d artwork 2d art 2d sprite work 3d 3d artist 3d modeling adr scripting/directing advertising amateur artist amateur audio editing amateur comic artist amateur musician amateur video editing amateur voice acting amateur writer amateur writing art sketching art style matching audacity audio editing background art design background music cartoon art character art character artist character concepts character creation characterdesign character design character designer character writer comedic voice acting comic aritst concept art concept design creating writing creative writing deep female voice deep voice deep voices descriptive writing designing characters dialogue dialogue script writing dialogue writing different pitches of voice different voices different voices and some impersonations diffrent piched voices digital art digital artist digital drawing drawing (2d traditional/digital) drawing anime drawing (anime/manga style) drawing/sketching editing writing emotional voice acting game advertising game animator game design game developing game development Game marketing game music game producer Game publisher Game tester gaming and voice acting horror writing huge character voice range korean kpop k-pop lineart line art long range voice lore creation lyrics lyric writing manga art manga drawing Manhua manhwa marketing medium pitch voices medium tone voice mimicking voices minor video editing modeling 3d moderation multiple voices music making Name Naming normal voice original voices pixal art plot development plot outlines plot writer pop culture possibly writing scripts producer proof reading and writing proofread scripts psychotic voice Publishing raspy voices raw voice review writer screenplays screenplay writing screen/script writing script scripting scripting/writting script writer scriptwriting script writing script writing (basics) script writing/editing shy voice silly voices sketching/drawing skilled writer smooth voices sound effects staff storyline writer tablet drawing testing translation video game development videogame writing visual art voice voice acting voice acting (beginner) voice over voice over acting writing characters writing dialogue writing lyrics writing (screenplay) writing scripts
Search all 882 singer maryland profiles