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Head Developer of Super Smash Bros. MUGEN
I am a Writer, Director, and Producer
I'm the head developer of the Super Smash Bros. MUGEN fangame. I'm always on the look for talent that will be poured into this ambitious passion project. I'm a huge Shantae and Freedom Planet fan and overall a fun, friendly dude! I love making new friends and meeting new people! I don't treat members as just another co-worker, I treat them as my friends.

Please note that I refuse to have a Twitter account for my own safety and wellbeing. I can only be reached here or more preferably, Discord. JTDaddy17#2775
Looking for ROTTMNT Artists, Writers and Voice Actors!
I am a Producer
Hey Rise fans!!Wanna be part of a crazy awesome fandom project with a boatload of other amazing fan creators? Then come join us behind the scenes of the Extended Family AU! Check out our Discord to learn more about the AU and feel free to reach out to us if you wanna join!
Speaks: english
She/her he/they (Author & Illustrator of The Knightmare of Omnicide)
I am a Artist, Writer, and Producer
Hello my name is Mako and I’m the Author & Illustrator of my upcoming story ( Knightmare of Omnicide). I have 6+ years of experience with writing & Illustrating.
Search all 8813 producer news anchor profiles