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I am a Voice Actor, Audio Engineer, and Producer
Hello, Im FredVA!
I have been in the voice acting business for over 3 years now slowly learning how impressive and joyous this particular line of work can actually be. My talents exist from Voiceovers and voice acting and some brief interactions with audio engineering.
Audacity is the main software that I use for my recordings/auditions
Be sure to check out my Demo Reel for this year of my auditions on and off the site!
Thanks for checking my profile!

Setup: audacity
Voice Description: male teen
Hello world deepentropy here
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Writer, Director, and Producer
Greetings my fellow artists, Deep entropy here: OWNER of Creedfilms1984- A brand new small (but) growing production company unknown to the world. I'll be transparent, up until this last year I wasn't sure what I'd be doing. I began writing poetry young then merged into the screenwriter/ story telling lane. The small amount of support I have encouraged this new found journey because I learned I love this field of work. My goals? Create the best content possible whilst building relationships with awesome friends who are like minded. I'm drama free and God fearing only trying to pursue a dream that seems unrealistic to the general public. I'm laid back kind hearted and pretty chill overall. I have a YouTube and Instagram account with all my content. Hopefully I have the honor of building with more of you in the future. Most don't ever get the chance to live their purpose. 
Speaks: english
Accents: all accents
Skills and Interests: all accents flexible
Search all 2154 producer flexible profiles