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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, and Live Actor
Hey there!It's Jonella, but you can call me Ella! I'm a very friendly person, and willing to lend my voice out for your production projects!
I love acting! It's always been a passion of mine, so I will always give my all to give forth my best performance possible. 
My voice ranges from young girl to middle age female, and I can also do young boy impressions. I can also do Southern accents and British accents.
Discord: NanamiRuka#8384YT: wontonella
Hey there!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, and Live Actor
Greetings, I am a retired Actor and acting tutor from Izmir Turkey. I decided that I should try return to acting but Covid... So, I thought Why not Voice Acting? People around me were supportive so here I am!
I am a 40 years old. Asexual, Asian and live in the Jewel of Aegean sea, Izmir.
I also work as a Beta Tester and QA Tester. 
Accents: north american
Streamer, Vtuber, Beginner Voice Actor and Experienced (Amateur) Singer
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hi there, I'm Valerian and thank you for looking at my profile! I am primarily a streamer/vtuber however I began enjoying trying a little amateur voice acting and singing through my streams and I wished to join ccc to seek new opportunities to broaden my horizons and gain more skills and experience in these areas. I hope to work with you in the future! I began singing 18 years ago, receiving classical training for 2 and a half years. I grew up spending my free time as part of an amateur theatre group and went on to do a GCSE in drama before focusing my studies onto chemistry. I still enjoy acting of course which brings me here!I record using a Rode NT1-A microphone and a Behringer U-Phoria UMC 22 interface. I use Reaper as my DAW. 
Speaks: english
Voice Description: neutral
| Voice Actor | Actor| He/Him My Voice Reels are located on my soundcloud
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
My name is George Norris, and I am an aspiring Voice Actor. My passion for voice acting began when I was 10 in which I was always a fan of dialects, imitation, and tonal qualities from different countries. Over the years I have trained myself physically and mentally and am now ready to show the world my vocal talents.
Speaks: english
Grace Doyin-Professional Voiceover Actor
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Grace Doyin is a professional voiceover actor. She adds a resonant youthful voice and conversational delivery style to any script and copy.
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Réalisateur/Producteur/Doubleur principalement dans le machinima->
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
I am a transgender female actor with good control of my voice throughout the female and male range. I am comfortable with roles including gender fluidity, pagan and magical concepts, alternative medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and more. In general, I'm a laid-back, middle-aged adult and am fairly new to the voice acting field. 
Speaks: english
Voice Description: female adult male adult
Search all 907 live actor Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 profiles