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I do not work in projects that will use my voice in AI. I have a professional studio mic (Shure ksm  44a) and a professional mixer (Rode Caster Duo) so if you looking for someone who can act and have studio quality audio, dont be afraid to contact me ^_^.    Youtuber, actor, voice, actor, stunt coor
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
Specialties: Husbando Roles (male love interests) and villain roles
Accents: british
Let's work together!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer
Greetings! My name is Jordan, and I'm a passionate voice actor with a love for all things video games. From epic heroes to cunning villains, I specialize in bringing characters to life with a range of dynamic and captivating voices. With a talent for creating immersive and believable performances, I've worked on a variety of game genres, including RPGs, FPS, and adventure games. I've also recorded for meditation videos and Apps such as the Morning app on the iTunes store. Whether you're looking for a grizzled veteran, a youthful protagonist, or a terrifying monster, I'm ready to tackle any challenge and deliver a top-quality performance. Let's team up and create an unforgettable gaming experience for your players!
Accents: fantasy
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
Wings of Fire Reillustrated is a team of fans dedicated to working together to create a fully voice-acted comic that re-illustrates the first book in Tui T. Sutherland’s Wings of Fire novel series. We are a non-profit team working to create this comic dub with the help of other fans of the series. ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎We were founded in November 2021 and have since grown and expanded to hopefully offer more on the way in the future. 
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: evil villain sinister
Search all 256 audio engineer evil villain profiles