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17 / Furry / Artist / Amateur animator
I am a Artist and Writer
A furry artist and writer ambitious plans to do animation. I've done some practice with it and went through a digital media class that taught animation at one point.
Setup: audacity
sunnie medina
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Live Actor
thanks for checking out my profile! check my interests and skills for an idea of what i can do! feel free to message me about any specific characters/fandoms you want me to VA for!
more info about me ⤵VA is a big dream career of mine, and i want to voice as many female/young characters before i start HRT! i plan to start testosterone around 18 years old so im starting now (high school)!ive been an actor for 6 years and singing for 8 (mezzo and tenor). i'd say im personally a better actor but im not at all bad at singing.i play a ton of RPGs with my friends and cousins, in which im constantly voicing characters. i take great pride in my pronunciation and large vocal range.i cosplay and do art as well! art and commissions are on my instagram, and cosplays are found on my tiktok.he/him -- @sunspriite twt & tblr & dc
Erin + Any pronouns (he/him pref) + 16 + artist / VA
I am a Voice Actor and Artist
Hey my name is Erin and I am 16 years old and Afab, though I use any pronouns and prefer he/him

I am an artist and beginner voice actor, and Im fine with voice acting for free since I'm just starting out 
Search all 5783 artist spanish (cuban) profiles