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About Taiga102

Hiya! I'm Taiga Suzuki. I have 2 years of experience with Screenwriting, Script Writing, and voice acting. I now have 6 years of experience with Video Editing, and I dabbled in Animating.

I have edited, filmed, and been in two movies. One isn't out as I'm writing this, however, the first one I've edited and filmed were released. 

I’m best at voice acting detectives of either gender, however I can do normal voice acting too. I just usually look for the voice acting jobs that entail detectives.

That is all. I hope you all will consider choosing me for your editing, directing, animating, etc! Thank you all and have a good night/day! :)

Demos & Samples

Death Note - L Audition

Danganronpa: Broken Future - Ace Hawkes

The Ultimate Detective, the one who was going to find the truth behind Hope's Peak.