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About SYTOkun

Yo! I'm SYTOkun, a professional webtoon artist from Malaysia. I am the co-creator of the comic Summoner on Tapas and run Switchback Channel on YouTube, where I create animatic-style fan and original story content.

I am also a big fan of the worlds of animation, voice acting and even tabletop gaming, and have dabbled into them at various levels. You can find my current work on Twitter, and you can support my channel and all my illustrated video content on Patreon!


I create both SFW and NSFW content, as I have interest in a lot of different kinds of projects. Currently, my main projects are:

- RWBY: Remnants, a fan AU of the online anime series RWBY that reimagines the story and its cast from the ground up, and the passion project that got me started on CCC!

- Voyager, a still-unnamed original sci-fi fantasy setting about a group of girls exploring the ruins of a familiar world.

- Multiple one-off comic dub/animatic style videos from different fandoms!


While I'm far from an organised person, I do try to be professional with the work that I'm passionate about. That means I expect a certain level of quality for not only others' voiceover work and their performances; but for my own artwork and the quality of the stories I tell. I don't strive for perfection nor do I expect it, but I do put in my best.

I don't look for simply volunteers for my projects when receiving auditions or scouting for suitable talent - I also look for prospective team members and creative peers who I wish to work with often. I also look for positive personalities and people who genuinely love what they do.

I'm quite lenient with deadlines but do expect things within a reasonable time. I am always willing to offer detailed feedback and voice direction, whether in text or through voice chat, as I consider it the least I can do to help improve their craft and make their time worthwhile.