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Sunny Sunshine

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About Sunny Sunshine

Hello I'm Sunny Sunshine or Sunny. I love to voice act and work on art pieces. Some say that I can sound like Amy Rose from "Sonic the Hedgehog." They say I Sound like from SA or Sonic X (main role I can do). I'm trying out for more characters that a lot of people say I can voice other then Amy Rose. Like Yuffie Kisaragi (FF7/Final Fantasy 7), Harley Quuinn (Batman), more in the future that I want to learn.

I am also an artist as will work on thumbnails, video editor, and i can make some Vtuber models as well.

I also love writing stories as how I write them, they look like movie/play scrips that back in school, a lot of people liked reading them.


any price will be find with me.

What Sunny Sunshine is looking for

I will like to help out with character designing, voice overs, thumbnail art, editing videos, making vtubers, and story writing.