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TheLoneLogan for Otto - Supporting Role

Otto - Supporting Role Voice Actor
Otto - Supporting Role
Voice Actor
Voice Description
  • Male
  • MiddleAge
  • Accent: NorthAmerican
  • English
  • Supporting

The role of Otto is one of a man who's willing to go to the ends of the Earth and back to get back to his wife and two daughters. He's a caring father at heart, smart kind,, and extremely passionate. He has a strong and friendly voice, until his temper starts to get the better of him. At which point, he's not someone you wanna get in the way of.

  • - Mocking A Friend - “That woman can’t make a chicken salad sandwich to save her skin, but luckily she can’t mess up fruit.”

  • “And put on some clothes next time before you go peeking your head out. You're not the only one who lives here, you know!” 

  • - Spiteful -  "Shit... even I almost believed you. But they don’t know you like I do. Under that caring, kind, heroic mask you wear, you only look after yourself when it really counts."

Audio Book - Full Voiced Cast and Narration
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