My little Investigations Case 2

kimdanielsva for Rainbow Dash

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Rainbow Dash
Role assigned to: Angelina Nicole

Rainbow Dash similarly has a relatively minor role in case 2, being a supporting character who is present when the whole group is gathered. Prospective voice actors should be prepared to emulate her natural style, flair, and wonderifficly awesome nature, as well as her projected confidence and self-assuredness.Rainbow Dash: Young, mid-to late teens sounding tomboyish voice. Is a natural athlete and carries quite an ego as well to match. Also prone to fan-girling on occassion. The element of loyalty, this pegasus pony will stick by her friends and what they believe in no matter what.

Ref Video:

  • Hey Twilight, check out these moves I’ve been practicing to show to the Wonderbolts. Zip! Zow! Wham! Pretty awesome, huh?

  • Ugh, I stopped listening waaaaay early, Twilight. You’ve gotta stop being so... details-y!

  • Ugh, you wouldn’t understand, Twilight! I’ve got an image! I’ve got
    style! I’ve got... AWESOMENESS! COOLNESS! RADICALNESS! That kind of
    sappy thing... totally UN-awesome. You gotta promise to never, ever,
    ever tell ANYPONY, Twilight. My life will be ruined!

My little Investigations Case 2

I am SUCH a Rainbow Dash fan.....YOU NAILED IT for me!

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