Soul Eater ReWork Episode 1. TEST FOOTAGE (Fan Dub/abridged)

Ayaa for Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson
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Liz is a demon weapon and the older sister of Patty. 

She is from the streets of Brooklyn, New York where she single handedly raised and took care of her little sister by doing what ever was necessary.  She was criminal before she met her Meister in Death the Kid.

She is now a student in the DWMA along her team and has now devolved a moody personality as she now can be a normal teenage girl who didn't have to grow up to fast.  She now has a taste for luxury since Death the Kid is rich. 

Contrary to her ditsy little sister she actually has feelings and is afraid of most things paranormal like ghost and ghouls. 

She finds Kid both as her savior and as the biggest pain in her ass.  But she still is very indebted to him from taking her to a better place. 

Liz doesn't really care for book smarts as she grew up in the streets but she still knows how to play people.  

She takes a lot of her acting skills from her deadbeat and non existing mother who was a prostitute and if she had a chance in Hollywood she would of been a star.   

Liz is a strong girl who just grew up a bit too fast but now has a chance to be calm cool collected but kid annoys her.

Good luck.

!!!THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! When you audition DO THE LINES IMMDEITALLY I want to hear YOUR WORK first. 

At the end you can do what ever you want.  

  • english
Voice description:
  • female young adult
  • female adult
  • new york (brooklyn)
  • animation/character
  • female teen
  • american (new york)
  • american
  • Not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he? These little rich kids are always so gullible.

  • A sound soul dwells within sound skin and sound cuticles. That doesn't sound right!

  • I can see through you, Your lying, you want to gobble up my hot body!

Soul Eater ReWork Episode 1. TEST FOOTAGE (Fan Dub/abridged)

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