Soul Eater ReWork Episode 1. TEST FOOTAGE (Fan Dub/abridged)

Crimson Charger for Ragnarok "The demon sword"

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Ragnarok "The demon sword"

Its simple really.

You are Cronas weapon and you like to beat the shit outta Crona.

Also You are made from black blood and love to yell. 

Okay for more context.  Ragnarok once was a powerful demon and not the Norse event.  He has multiple abilities from flying to punching and screaming. One day a powerful witch named medusa grabbed him and melted him in a pot mixing black blood and Cronas own blood. Then inserted him into Crona and now is stuck inside Crona for ever.  He realizes that Crona is weak minded and not able to over power him so he beats the shit outta Crona till they are forced to listen to him. 

Since he cant escape he listens to medusa since he doesnt have any other choice.

  • english
Voice description:
  • english (american)
  • animation/character
  • male adult
  • male senior
  • male young adult
  • scotch
  • norweigan
  • irish
  • If you let him hit you with that technique again, I'm gonna stick thumbtacks in your shoes, got it?

  • Oi, Crona. If the grim reaper catches up to us you're not having any dinner tonight.

  • How could you punch me Crona!? I don't believe it!! You have no idea how it feels to be hit by you!

Crimson Charger
Soul Eater ReWork Episode 1. TEST FOOTAGE (Fan Dub/abridged)

Honestly Perfect. Nuff said, if you can add some sub lines anything really but try now in the small form of him and if you can go that high dont worry Ill fix it in post.-JJ

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