Soul Eater ReWork Episode 1. TEST FOOTAGE (Fan Dub/abridged)

Crimson Charger for Jack the Ripper

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Jack the Ripper
cast offsite

Even though for the MOST NOTORIOUS SERIAL KILLER OF ALL TIME you only get one episode.

Jack is simple he is a monster(literally) who is obsessed with souls

I want to bring that obsession of murder and hunger out of you.  You have the chance to steal the show and you could also voice some more people down the line so good luck

Male or woman doesn't matter for jack as he is a monster who speaks broken.  BE THE CREATIVE MONSTER YOU CAN BE.

!!!THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! When you audition DO THE LINES IMMDEITALLY I want to hear YOUR WORK first. 

At the end you can do what ever you want.  

Voice description:
  • androgynous
  • monster
  • monstrous
  • creature
  • "Want more...Food"

  • "run-makes-you-tasty-more"<- he doesn't speak clearly so yeah say that.

  • This isn't a line but I want you to grossly growl as if you just bit into someone neck and giggle about it.

Crimson Charger
Soul Eater ReWork Episode 1. TEST FOOTAGE (Fan Dub/abridged)

F'ing awesome I would love to hear you in a live scene if you have the time for an open audition.

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