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Kai Zephyr (Navigator)
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Kai is a Machiavellian charmer, always armed with a witty retort and constantly trolling for his own amusement. Unlike typical 'sidekicks' who are often the butt of jokes, Kai is the one making them. Despite his teasing demeanor, he's fiercely loyal and dependable, someone you can always trust to watch your back. Competent at what he does, he's a valuable ally despite his mischievous nature.

Voice description:
  • male young adult
  • male adult
  • Kai is meeting a new girl for the first time and bringing on the charm. KAI [Suave] "What is important is this beautiful young lady I see before me. I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting yet."

  • Conclusion of MC having an important heart to heart conversation with Kai. KAI [Appreciative] "For real, though, you gave me some important things to think about... Although, you could have sugar coated it a little more!"

  • Kai being a mysterious edgelord about his past while talking to MC. KAI [Ominous] ""All that being said, the only thing waiting for me there is a fate worse than death."

Astral Ascension - Visual Novel
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