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Casting Noodle for Vaela Kade (Engineer)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Vaela Kade (Engineer)
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Vaela is young and perky, exuding a naive and upbeat vibe. Raised in comfort, she's developed a fairy tale outlook on life, truly believing in the inherent goodness of people and the triumph of good over evil. Her infectious energy and unwavering optimism spread positivity wherever she goes.

Voice description:
  • female young adult
  • female adult
  • MC telling Vaela about the time he piloted through a deadly nebula storm. VAELA [Excited] "What was that like? Was it really scary? Did your ship make it out okay? Well, I mean it must have since you're standing here chatting with me!"

  • Vaela misunderstands the situation and is annoyed at MC. VAELA [Jealous/Pouty] "I have this one friend who's being very thick headed! He acts like he might be interested in someone, but then he has no problem when another girl just jumps in his lap!"

  • Vaela and MC discuss if they should do something risky to help people. VAELA [Stubborn] "Who knows what will happen between the time we alert the authorities and the time they arrive. We need to help them now."

Casting Noodle
Astral Ascension - Visual Novel
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