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Star Adams for Luna Seren (Doctor)

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Voice Actor
Luna Seren (Doctor)
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Luna is playful, friendly, affectionate, and polite. She can subtly charm and seduce with finesse, exuding a confident "ara ara" energy while also capable of feigning innocence to enhance her allure even further. On the same token, she is genuinely nurturing and caring, always looking out for people and often putting others' needs in front of her own.

Voice description:
  • female adult
  • female young adult
  • After a group event, Luna approaches MC. LUNA [Flirting] "Hanging out with everyone has been a lot of fun, but I've been waiting all day for a chance to get you alone."

  • MC wearing just a lab coat with nothing underneath to try and be sexy. LUNA [Amused] "Oh my, did something happen to your shirt?"

  • Talking to MC about seeking revenge that people she knows wants to do. LUNA [Reflecting] "I understand their need for justice as I've thought about doing the same thing. But I also know that holding onto the past doesn't do any good."

Star Adams
Astral Ascension - Visual Novel
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