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Makayla Rose Berry for Iris Alcyon (Captain)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Iris Alcyon (Captain)
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Iris is cool-headed and composed, with a soft-spoken demeanor that doesn't imply weakness. She's introspective and reserved, yet no pushover. She's pragmatic, sometimes excessively so, serving as a counterbalance to the more morally-driven crew members. While she respects justice, she sees it through a practical lens and is not afraid to do what's necessary.

Voice description:
  • female adult
  • female young adult
  • A mission provider questioning if her team did the 'right' thing. IRIS [Dismissive] "We were here to do a job and we did it. Anything else does not concern us."

  • Calling out MC's bluff in a matter-of-fact way but is secretly playful. IRIS [Blunt/Joking] "Interesting. Then I'll keep in mind that you are averse to physical affection going forward."

  • Reconciling with a close family member after many years of drifting apart. IRIS [Sincere] "You made me the person I am today, and I hope that person is someone you can be proud of."

Makayla Rose Berry
Astral Ascension - Visual Novel
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