Realm Jumper Season Two

Faux Synder for Deedee

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: drift/jinx

The character uses he/she/they pronouns, but anyone may audition

SPECIAL NOTE: Deedee is not the name of the character. To avoid spoiling the show, the name of the character cannot be revealed at this time. If cast, the identity of the character will be revealed to the voice actor.

A very small child, Deedee is very bouncy and excited to meet new friends. Their voice should sound child-like, but not overly young. There is no preference for masculine, feminine, or androgynous voices. 

Deedee may be small and incredibly interested in childish things like playing tag and making flower crowns, but he's wise beyond her years and knows when to pull back on being silly and actually get down to work. The type of kid to ask about what happens after death. They value family very highly and assume that anyone under the age of eighteen is her friend. He's got the right intentions, and just wishes adults were as open minded as kids. 

  • (Interrupting conversation) Can we play? Sorry, I know you were saying something, but can we talk while we play?

  • (Pleased) There you go! This should work just fine! This is where I gotta go, so good luck or whatever it is you say where you're from! I'm sure you'll do great!

  • (Hauntingly sad) I don't like it when they promise. Their promises aren't like the ones we do. Theirs are tricky - they use tricky words to make sure they don't actually have to promise anything.

Faux Synder
Realm Jumper Season Two
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