Michael Suggs for Timothy Time

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Timothy Time

Timothy Time is a psychopathic Narcissistic child prodigy who enjoys creative wacky (and dangerous) inventions, he enjoys making the maids and Butlers participate in his deranged games, he also finds joy in the suffering of others. He has a bad temper while also being a sore loser which leads him to take drastic measures to get back at the people who made him loose he also has a British accent and loves to brag and gloat about his inventions. For the voice, do a spoiled British rich kid with a similar voice to Moxxie from Helluva Boss. And link your discord please.

  • Well that was something. . . . ANYWAYS BEAN BOMB!

  • I'll be back. (Stupid bloody human realm, no magic...)

  • We're not friends, I am merely her acquaintance, we have no connection what so ever you low IQ-ed fool.

Michael Suggs
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