Damian for Raela Sangey (RAY-luh SAN-gee)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Raela Sangey (RAY-luh SAN-gee)
Role assigned to: hunbee!

NOTE: Raela currently has an actor but she's dropping out around June or July, so if you receive the role of Raela you will be her backup until the Summer and then you will play her from either June or July onwards. So you will definitely play her, just not yet. My current actor is going away to college this year.


Raela is Mya's sister. Lorelei really doesn't like Mya and Raela due to them snooping around, which ended up in her tormenting Raela. Now back at home, things are still not going right for the two girls after discovering an awful tragedy in their family. Raela wants to protect and help Mya but she's not sure how to.

For Raela I'm looking for a medium-high British voice that's kind and warm. She's 14 years old.

Raela is a main character.

  • english
Voice description:
  • british
  • british (highbrow)
  • british (liverpool)
  • british (london)
  • british (northern)
  • generic british
  • comforting
  • british (estuary)
  • british (posh)
  • british (cockney)
  • female teen
  • english (british)
  • general british
  • female young adult
  • warm
  • kind
  • caring
  • Sweet
  • "Mya! You’re about to make me extremely broke-" *playfully*

  • "So you two were friends before you got sucked into that portal, Ava?" *curious, questioning*

  • "Time to see our parents…" *a little nervous*


Hey There! Would you like to be in my project? My project is called Scream, you can go to my page if you need more information.


    Hey! Umm I kinda wasn't expectung that but I'll check it! Thanks!

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