cheryl for Ruby Limington (ROO-bee LIM-in-tun)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Ruby Limington (ROO-bee LIM-in-tun)
Role assigned to: Nova


Ruby is Scarlett's 6-year-old sister. Her main mission now is to save her sister from the hands of Lorelei. She can't think of anything else. She is very kind and open towards people. Once upon a time, when Scarlett and Ruby were inside the other dimension together they barely spoke to anyone, because Scarlett struggled to trust people, until Ruby opened her eyes and then Scarlett made the unthinkable sacrifice to save everyone. Now though, lonely and lost, Ruby recruits some of her friends to bring back peace...and her sister.

I am looking for a high pitched 6-year-old voice. Since Ruby has had multiple actors there are multiple voice references, all the voices fit Ruby, so I do not mind which one you try to sound like, or if you want to do something different. I am not too picky as I'm mainly focused on finding a young, high pitched, 6-year-old sounding voice. I would prefer an American accent as Scarlett's actor is American and Ruby's former actors are American, but as long as you portray her well I'm not that bother as long as the voice fits :)

She is a lead character.

(Also small note, Zar is Zahra's nickname)

  • english
Voice description:
  • High
  • Sweet
  • warm
  • all english accents
  • all american accents
  • american (new york)
  • american (southeast)
  • general american
  • general american (natural)
  • kind
  • Annoying
  • female child
  • american
  • american (midwest)
  • american (northeast)
  • american (southern)
  • american (west coast)
  • central american
  • english (american)
  • young
  • selfless
  • Passionate
  • "Finding my sister has always been my priority, Zar. I’m sorry…" *sad, guilty*

  • "It’s only two stops away now! Oh gosh what is my mum going to think? Scar…" *sad, longing for her sister*

  • "Scarlett’s…not coming back." *upset*


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