Virginia for Lorelei Patel (LOH-ruh-lie puh-TEL)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Lorelei Patel (LOH-ruh-lie puh-TEL)
Role assigned to: Kenya


Lorelei is the main antagonist in Trapped (and really the only antagonist). She's has a daughter, Eve, and a sister, Brooke. She runs the portal dimension, and her main goal is to make people suffer. She trapped everyone in the portal before they managed to escape after Scarlett made her sacrifice. Now though, she has Scarlett captive in a cell and has plans to cause even more distraction. She's determined to stop Ruby rescuing her sister. Lorelei is also the only one who knows who the second portal summoner is, and she wants them dead.

For Lorelei I am looking for an adult-sounding voice that sounds evil. I have left a voice reference for my best actor out of her two former actors, but I don't think it sounds sinister enough so please make your voice a lot more evil than the reference. I'm not too fussed how you sound if you portray her emotions well. An American accent would make sense (because Eve's actor is Canadian) but I'm not that fussed about it if the character is portrayed well.

Lorelei is a lead character.

  • english
Voice description:
  • english
  • Sadistic
  • american
  • american (northeast)
  • english (american)
  • english (british)
  • Sinister
  • horrible
  • all american accents
  • all english accents
  • american (new york)
  • canadian
  • canadian english
  • american (southern)
  • american (southeast)
  • rude
  • female adult
  • all accents
  • american (midwest)
  • english canadian
  • mean
  • evil
  • "You realise that someone else other than me in the group that was trapped here can open portals?" *bluntly*

  • "Well Scarlett, no one can get back in. I can talk to you without having to be worried about you being able to tell anyone." *evil, almost laughing*


Hey There! Would you like to be in my project? My project is called Scream, you can go to my page if you need more information.


    I apologize, I would have responded earlier, but I was out of town this past weekend. I would love to be in your project, if still available!

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