Virginia for Edith Cassidy (EE-dif CASS-ih-dee)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Edith Cassidy (EE-dif CASS-ih-dee)

Edith is Ava's mother. She is extremely broken by losing her daughter, and is delighted to see her again even after all these years. However, her and Ava struggle to get on due to the length of time between the two of them last having of spoken, and the fact that Ava is no longer a young innocent six year old, but a sixteen year old who has gone through hell and back since she got taken by Lorelei.

For Edith, I'm looking for a kind, motherly, and welcoming voice. An American accent would make the most sense as Ava's actress is American, but I'm fine with whatever as long as you portray the character well.

Edith is a side character.

  • english
Voice description:
  • american
  • female adult
  • motherly
  • Sweet
  • welcoming
  • any
  • all accents
  • all english accents
  • british
  • kind
  • Any Accent
  • all american accents
  • "Ten years Ava…ten years…" *sadly, thinking back*

  • "Ava, please, PLEASE, don't go again, I can't lose you again sweetie!" *motherly, begging, upset*


Thank you for the opportunity! Discord: @VeeVO

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