Nova for Emmie Langley (EMM-ee LANG-lee)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Emmie Langley (EMM-ee LANG-lee)
Role assigned to: koh


Emmie hasn't seen her mum, Samantha, for a couple of years. But finally she's reunited with her. Except, it won't be for long when Emmie has to set off on a mission to save Scarlett.

Emmie is a calm 11 year old girl who often likes to keep herself to herself. She doesn't like talking to people - at least not until she warms to them. She's quite standoffish - but for a good reason. She has managed to warm to Mya and Raela quite a bit though.

For Emmie I am looking for a quite similar voice to the one in the reference because I absolutely love that actress' voice and I think it fits well, so please try and sound like her as much as possible!

Emmie is a lead character.

Voice description:
  • english
  • warm
  • kind
  • Secretive
  • canadian english
  • english (american)
  • female child
  • all english accents
  • british
  • calm
  • any
  • Any Accent
  • southwest london accent
  • american (southern)
  • female teen
  • all accents
  • british (london)
  • british (estuary)
  • american
  • all american accents
  • american (midwest)
  • american (new york)
  • american (northeast)
  • american (southeast)
  • quiet
  • private
  • general american
  • Standoffish
  • keeps self to self
  • voice match
  • "Evil evil woman, she runs this whole other dimension, and she’s able to open portals…" *telling her mum about Lorelei*

  • "Lorelei once told me something there was one other person who can create portals."

  • "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY BEDROOM?" *angry, shocked*


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