Corvalla for Bette Nevel (BET-ee NEV-uhl)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Bette Nevel (BET-ee NEV-uhl)
Role assigned to: midnightdrawss

Bette is a girl who is easily led by others, which includes how she follows Sadie around like a puppy. She struggles to stand up for herself. However, she eventually reveals how kind she can be to Mya, when Sadie isn't around, and she wants to help Mya.

I do not have a specific voice in mind for Bette right now, she's 15, and I'm open to interpretation, so do whatever you'd like in your audition! :)

Bette is a main character.

  • english
Voice description:
  • all english accents
  • american (new york)
  • asian english
  • danish english
  • dutch english
  • english (american)
  • english (british)
  • english (northern)
  • british
  • lonely
  • canadian english
  • english
  • female young adult
  • Any Accent
  • english (london)
  • any
  • Weak
  • quiet
  • all accents
  • all american accents
  • all slavic accents
  • female teen
  • british (london)
  • easily led
  • follower
  • Broken
  • "Sadie, what are you doing?" *curious, questioning*

  • "I don't follow Sadie around! Of course I don't!" *defensive*

  • "Sadie, maybe you can help them...isn't always being mean to people getting just a little boring...?"


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