Rise of Lazalis: A Starcraft II Project

CaitiBee for Miss Lazalis

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Miss Lazalis
Role assigned to: Vyxenah

A determined moralist, Ms. Lazalis seeks to create a coup for the same government she works for, looking to takeover leadership and instill enlightenment ideals and end decades of wrongful oppression. She speaks strongly and confident (but not cocky), and her voice would preferably not be high-pitched.

  • Spirit doesn't mean shit when you bring a gun to a mortar fight. Lieutenant, get our Factories up and running, immediately.

  • Hope is a tool; one that shines through the darkest of days and darkest of nights. But tools can only get you so far.

  • Our future is only as bright as we fight for it to be! If you love that flag, then you will fight to protect it!

Rise of Lazalis: A Starcraft II Project
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